Bath Water

Under the stillness of the bath water

I hear only my own breathing,

in and out,

the greatest sense of meaning


His heartbeat sounds

of a soft vibration

in the quietness of my world,

my body, my nation


A murmur tells me

he has said something

the words lost

but transmuted to a feeling


on my skin, which tells me

that what has left his lips

is love as soft as the water

that caresses my hips


Ocean Waves

Under the stillness

of the ocean waves

her thoughts

faded away

the power of the

ocean water

bringing her back

to the source

where life itself

began to develop

a hundred million

years ago

and she reconnected

to all that is

and all that was

around her


stillness in her being

she came back to herself

as a sister,

and finally, as a daughter




You are

my sun

your light warms me

from the outside in

I am

your earth

my flexibility and my currents

give you purpose


we are



The Muse

Within her humility she soaks in his devotion

and looks down at him with grace

counting the beats on her guitar

as she begins to set the pace


music is her gold dust

which she sprinkles onto broken hearts

pouring light into the deepest cracks

which had been kept in the dark


with her voice she expresses the language of the gods

“you cannot separate the dance from the dancer”

nor the music from the musician

or the love, from above.



I turn to the sea

where birds are set free

to fly from my cage

and escape for all of eternity

All I want is everlasting freedom

is that too much to ask?

to exchange my search for validation

for truths crystal clear glass

And finally, to be… still

amidst it all

above the barriers

where freedom reigns




Here I stand opening myself

to you

As the sun runs through my veins

 like honey

I listen to your heartbeat in the

crashing waves

My pulse at one with your pulse

as a baby in the womb


You who created me

be with me now in comfort

Wrap your arms around me

So I feel at home


This journey you have given me

as ever changing as the waves

every break different from before

Every ripple unique in form

and motion


everything… changing

Life is here with you

With us



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