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A blog to share with you three of my greatest passions; travel, writing, and surf. I draw inspiration from South America, home of the alpaca, great food, and the world’s longest wave. Europe, where my original home is, and from where I have been building homes away from home and exploring culture. Australia, where I lived as a student, and was lucky enough to experience some of the greatest nature Pachamama has to offer us.

One of my favourite things in life has always been stories, however the finest story of all is still being enacted; the story of our world. Travelling brings me so much joy, as going to a new place I uncover new stories and new mysteries which make me feel like I am a part of something bigger. A detective putting together the pieces of a greater story, a ripple in the ocean of life, a vibration in the boombox of mankind. This is what has inspired me, since I can remember, to look for stories everywhere, and why I aim to travel as much as I possibly can and record some of my experiences here to share with you all. 

Here I document my travels around South America and the rest of the world; I hope to provide some wavey insights. Through the magic of communication and imagination you are welcome to join me on some of my adventures.


I originally made this blog with the intention to write about surfing, but it has since expanded to encompass the themes of spirituality, nature, health, food and more



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