Transcending the Material World

When I have sat down to do my daily yoga practice recently, I have immediately felt a strange, yet comforting sensation. I close my eyes, shutting out the outside world and am faced with nothing other than my own consciousness and an occasional thought from the rational mind. What I feel is a sense that this is so much more real than anything else I experience on a daily basis, which is really an illusion, or a game, in which I am a mere player. It is a sense that the relationship I have with my ‘higher self’ is more important than anything in the materialistic world. Sometimes, when the rational mind stops and I look at myself as though looking at my higher self in a mirror, I feel something that is like home.

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Wondering if I am crazy, I then hear filmmaker/artist David Lynch talking about an idea which deeply resonates with me in an interview with Russel Brand. Russell asks, “Well this must mean then, that consciousness, or Brahmin, is the primary element of reality, and that the material world of phenomena is secondary?” And David answers,

“They say consciousness alone is. So if you think about it that way, every little squirrel and babbling brook and star and Russell and David are nothing but consciousness. It’s weird, and consciousness can change itself into all the things. And consciousness is so magical, these vedas are the laws of nature and they exist eternally in the absolute, in the unified field. And these vedas… they start with the letter ‘r’, and the r, is the unbounded infinity, and r holds everything. And in Vedic mathematics it holds everything, it is like how the hollowness of the bunion seed holds the whole bunion tree. And these vedas they unfold in a sequence, but in the transcendence, there is no sequence of time, so in the transcendence they unfold simultaneously.”  

Hearing this made so much sense to me. It made sense because I had begun to realise how true it is that whatever I give out to the world is what I receive back from the world. When I am in a good mood, vibrating highly, everything around me becomes good. But when I get stuck in a negative synchronicity everything around me becomes bad. All that is, is somehow inside of you, in a microcosmic way. So if you are in tune with yourself, you are in tune with the whole universe. If you one day wake up and decide to love everyone you meet, you are deciding to love yourself. That is why for me, providing myself time to be with myself whether it be through yoga or meditation or surf or whatever, is so important, because by nourishing my inner self I am nourishing my whole world. By growing my relationship with my higher consciousness I am choosing to allow peace to enter me which will emanate out of me someway or another. It is choosing to be responsible for the energy you give out to the world by cultivating the energy you have within you.

We have no way to prove that the material, physical world outside of us exists at all. It could be an imagined, illusionary projection for all we know. What we do know is “I AM”, we know by experiencing consciousness that we exist as a spirit or as a being. That consciousness is the foundation of all of what we experience. Its form cannot be changed, but how we experience it can change. How we experience it can dictate how we experience the world around us, the ‘material’ world that we attach so much importance to, but is really only a reflection of our consciousness within.

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