Synchronicity ∞

There is one aspect of life which is proving magical for me every day a the moment, and that is synchronicity. wonderful wonderful synchronicity. what some people call ‘coincidence’, I call the universe unfolding exactly as it’s supposed to, just like a miracle. every day an incredible synchronicity occurs which proves yet again that the cosmos is an unexplainable vortex of energy, crashing and colliding, with the occasional crystal clear harmonious happening.

I was writing an article about funiculars. don’t ask me how don’t ask me why. a friend called.

“hey Anna what are you up to?”

“well I’m actually writing about funiculars, don’t ask me why. what are you up to?”

“that’s incredible, I’m writing about a Japanese funicular as we speak”.

“that is incredible.”

WHAT! how! I don’t even bother to question this anymore as it happens so frequently. If there’s one thing I know and one thing only, it’s that I don’t know. I don’t know or understand the rules of the universe, so I’ll meanwhile sit back and enjoy it’s drama.


secretly I sometimes I feel as though I have special powers, like I’m the chosen one. of course everyone feels this way to an extent, as everyone is the protagonist to their own story. the strangest thing is I think about someone, and they appear in some way. or I think about something, a need, and it’s like the universe hears me and send me a little bit of it, like here you go girl, we up here listen’n.

a few days ago I attended a solstice celebration which involved a bonfire on a small sandy beach in Barranco, the province of Lima where I live. it was a lovely evening, lots of people gathered round a warm fire in the moonlit night close to the ocean, with a mezcla of tourists and local Peruvians giving good energy. towards the end of the ceremony, after we had listened to some wise words about Pachamama’s nourishment and the power of the moon and other elements, we were given the opportunity to throw seeds into the fire and request something to come into our lives. I asked to meet people who would inspire me, as I have been living in a foreign country wildly different from my own continent and therefore have been continuously on a quest to meet people like me.

the next day I woke up barely remembering the night before, to a message from a girl I hadn’t met but had been put in touch with months before by someone who thought we would like each other saying she was coming to lima and would we like to hang out. then I went to buy contact lenses, and met a nice Peruvian in the shop who said he wanted to learn English and would I like to do a language exchange with him. I then went surfing, thinking I was surfing alone and would have to look after myself only to look up from coming off of a wave and see an old Peruvian friend of mine surfing right next to me. I started to feel a lil bit like the universe was looking after me. I went home, and sat on the terrace playing my guitar for a bit watching the sunset. I played loudly, channeling my energy into the song, thinking I was alone. when I finished the chorus I heard applause from the street, and someone shouting “that was amazing, thank you so much!” I looked down to see two smiling Americans looking up at me, praising my music. an invisible audience I didn’t anticipate, they asked if I wanted to hang out.

it was then I remembered my wish from the night before. turns out the universe is listening! what you give out is what you get back, so… what are you going to give out today?




In ‘a day in the life’ excerpts I give insight into mis-happenings in the life of Anna down in darkest Peru… enjoy! ♥

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